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I got this info downtown yesterday, but yesterday was a busy day. According to my government sources, while under questioning by the Lands Recherche (Dutch Detectives), Theo Heyliger admitted to his involvement of the “Bada Bing” tape. The extent of his involvement, has yet to be disclosed.

Facing witnesses, willing to come forward and testify that either UP or their representatives, approached them with the same video tape months ago. Theo feels that Jaap Van Den Heuvel betrayed him by disclosing his involvement in the blackmail/entrapment scheme.

Theo spent more time at Bada Bing than any of the other United People’s Party members. It was the hotspot for Toachie Meyers (Parliamentarian Sylvia Olivacce-Meyers’ husband), Theo Heyliger, Romain Laville, Patrick Illidge and many more during the UP/Independent/DP coalition reign.

The Bada Bing offices, according to my Bada Bing sources, have up to seven cameras strategically placed. Everyone who enters the office, sees and knows that the cameras are there.

I asked United People’s Party, Elegio Somersall last week, if someone knew that there were cameras, why would they CHOOSE to enter an office and do something illegal in FRONT of the camera.

Elegio gave me the now most used UP phrase, ” I don’t know nothin’ ’bout nothin’.

I guess the plan fell apart when Jaap sang like a canary. Of course Theo could have called Jaap a liar, but then again Theo is now aware that his uncle Norman Wathey was also recorded, when he approached me with the very same video info in January.

Right now whoever Theo has retained as a lawyer is making enough money to buy their own yacht. Theo Heyliger is currently under so many different investigations, it still amazes me when I watch the  video of Parliamentarian Yanchi Leonard, crying about not wanting to go to the  Netherlands, because “he didn’t want to be seen as a criminal”.

Parliament is next week, can’t wait to see them all.


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This is the photo of Leader of the United People’s Party, Theo Heyliger with owner of Atlantis Casino Francisco Corallo. Don’t worry folks, this is before Corallo was on Interpol‘s most wanted list (they removed his name), and this is WAAAAAAAY before Theo was caught up in the “Orca” investigation, the “Piranha” investigation, and before the prosecutor confirmed that he was also under investigation for the bribing of three police oficers ($300 each) to vote for him in the 2010 elections. This photo was taken right after the “carnival coup” in April 2012. The St Maarten people didn’t see Theo for weeks after his coalition government fell, but now we know where he was, at the Atlantis casino, apologizing to his main benefactor 🙂

This photo was taken from the St Maarten tabloid, the online site,

see Hilbert?

That’s how you cite a source

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On Thursday Romain Laville Independent Parliamentarian began legal proceedings against Theo Heyliger, Leader of the United People’s Party and St Maarten’s current Opposition leader.

The proceedings evidently have to do with a proferred bribe of $350.000 dollars to Romain Laville, at the UP headquarters in Point Blanche  in exchange for his loyalty to the United People’s Party.

Not only did Romain Laville turn down Theo Heyliger’s money, Romain defected from the United People’s Party, became an independent Parliamentarian, and joined St Maarten’s new coalition government with the National Alliance, and the St Maarten Democratic Party.

The new coalition did not need Romain Laville to form a new majority, but according to Laville, he left because of principle, i.e. he did not like the direction the United People’s Party were going in, and he had a huge conflict working with UP colleague Jules James after Mr. James laid off over 100 Pelican employees, while being a parliamentarian AND the manager at Pelican, which was clearly a conflict of interest.

Theo Heyliger publicly came out a few weeks after the fall of his government to complain about Romain Laville “betraying” him.

Since then Romain Laville has stated that he too had become a member of the latest United People’s Party smear campaign, and he felt that Jules James, and Isidore “The Mighty Dow” York, were intentionally sent by the United People’s Party, to discredit him, and to give him a bad name.

When I interviewed Romain Laville on camera, he said if it was a betrayal, then he learned it from Theo who betrayed the Democratic Party, the legacy of his grandfather Claude Wathey, and Sarah Wescot-Williams when he (Theo) defected from his grandfather’s DP, and joined up with the National Alliance.


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DEAR DAILY HERALD…..YOU MISSED A SPOT! They’ve cleaned up most negative articles about theo heyliger, but some still remain

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Dear Editor,

During the reign of the late Claude Wathey, he disposed of St. Maarten as though it were his private piece of real estate. He filled in the lagoon and cut down a large portion of Fort Willem Hill to fill the Salt Pond. It did not matter to him that he would expose the residents of Fort Willem to the danger of landslides and falling boulders, which today threaten their lives each time the island receives heavy rainfall.

Neither did it matter to him that Philipsburg suffered serious flooding each time our island was visited by a tropical storm or a hurricane. The least of his worries was that he made the once green and lush hill into an eye-sore. Of course, I can give Mr. Wathey the benefit of the doubt, because in those days there were no environmental groups or environmental specialists or engineers, who could warn him of the potential disastrous results of his actions. The older people did warn of the flooding potential, but he did not listen as he doubted their expertise.

Today, his grandson, Theo Heyliger, is truly following in his grandfather’s footsteps! He too is disposing of this island as though it is his private plantation. He destroys the natural beauty of the island in his so-called beautification attempts and replaces it with bricks, cement and imported palm trees! He is finishing his grand-father’s legacy of filling up the Salt Pond, thus destroying the legacy of the St. Maarten people and exposing them to even more danger as he is filling it with the sand that he took from the sand bank, which once offered natural protection to our island during heavy sea swells caused by bad weather.

The environmental groups have issued serious warnings for potentially disastrous flooding that could be worse than Hurricane Lenny in 1999, should we be hit by another hurricane.

But is Theo Listening? No, he does not care. His only interest is the land that he is creating in the Pond to give out to his relatives, foreign investors and a few of his local rich friends. Mind you, his relatives already own half of the filled-in lagoon, part of the boardwalk and in addition half of St. Maarten.

Our once beautiful Salt Pond has been reduced to a dirty little puddle full of sewage. The water birds that were often photographed by tourists have all either died or moved elsewhere. More and more of the pond is being filled in: much more than he originally said he would. No one says anything so Theo and “Tochi” keep on filling!

The environmentalists attempted to make an issue that they were filling in too much and their lives were threatened by “Tochi,” who has carte blanche from Theo to fill in as much as he wants and is grinning all the way to the bank.

Should it surprise anyone then that Theo decided to replenish the beach without asking anyone’s permission? Public Works department knew nothing about it, the environmentalists knew nothing, but since St. Maarten belongs to Theo, he felt as though he was just replenishing the sand by his backyard pool, so he did not need to ask anyone’s permission or inform anyone.

St. Maarten is Theo and his family’s private piece of real estate: He does with it what he pleases with the money that he receives from the harbour, which he treats like his private cash cow, as my friend Gracita rightfully stated. Monies intended for projects that would benefit the community and improve the quality of life for the people on this island.

St. Maarten’s history is lost because of Theo. St. Maarteners will drown because of Theo, who will be safe and dry in his million-dollar house on the hill, while the rest of the island is flooding!

Continue destroying St. Maarten and its people, Theo. Continue treating it like your private plantation. Continue endangering the people’s lives. God forbid that one day the blood of several drowned St. Maarten residents will be on your hands!

Alfred Bryan

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I was the first to break the Prosecutors investigation of Theo Heyliger-and Theo, you are welcome.

I was at the police station harrassing them about a personal matter, and Taco Stein of the Prosecutors Office walked by. To get me off of their case, the police said “That’s Taco Stein of The Prosecutors Office, why don’t you ask him?” So I interviewed Taco Stein on camera, and for the first time it was revealed that the Prosecutors Office was taking Jaap Van Den Heuvels statements seriously, and that there was a probe or investigation.

After I posted the interview with Hans Mos, the Daily Herald called him, he confirmed the statements he had made to me, and the Daily Herald published the story the next day-you’re welcome also, daily herald- 🙂

Now the Daily Herald published that one article about Theo being under investigation-not the 30 plus articles in 3 days, like they did Patrick Illidge, to appear fair and unbiased.

Taco Stein referred me to Prosecutor Hans Mos, and I went down and scheduled an appointment for the 28th of March. His Office then asked me to write down the questions that I wanted to ask him, which is odd since as a prosecutor, and top legal mind, one would think that he wouldn’t have to pre-prepare all answers.

Anyway, I did as told, showed up and was told that he was in Holland.

Of course he’s a busy man, but the same secretary who called me to pre-prepare my questions and submit them, could have called me to tell me he was off island, and had to re-schedule.

I believe Hans Mos does not want to talk to me, but that’s okay, he’ll have to come back from Holland some time, and I’ll be waiting.

Hans is in a pickle, because in the past, and possibly presently the Prosecutors Office has been too “chummy” with many politicians, which puts them in a conundrum, when it’s time to actually prosecute the case.

What about Marietje?

What’s the latest? It’s been three years,

hasn’t it?

Dutch Parliamentarians were actually made to look idiotic and ignorant when they jumped on a video (sent by their Machiavellian arch-nemesis Theo Heyliger) and it turns out the the videos were not only supplied by “Mr Mafioso” it was a part of a blackmail and entrapment scheme AND it had been doctored (altered).

Do the Dutch realize that many of their own who are sent here, to clean up the “St Maarten corruption mess”, either come in with “dirty hands” of their own, or quickly become corrupt themselves?

The Dutch somehow are supposed be our “example” our “ideal” when it comes to good governance, but they to appear to be tainted.

When they focus their anger on little St Maarten, for a week or so the Dutch can focus on 16Sq miles as the cause of all of their problems, as opposed to the fact that they are supposed to be a European First World Country, but most of their tax money is going to Greece and Italy for their bailout.

It’s easy for Dutch Parliamentarians to try to switch the focus, when Holland is supposed to be thriving, but they are not, and their unemployment has sky-rocketed.

Holland is in a giant mess right now, and it’s easy to pick on “Lil St Maarten” 🙂 but we are not to blame for the Dutch financial and unemployment mess, their European counterparts who sucked them into the European Union, and has them blowing all excess cash on Greece and Italy, along with Hollands own lack of economic foresight is to blame for Hollands current “conundrum”.

I was not upset about the Dutch Parliaments comments about St Maarten, or the articles.  People were very upset, even Yanchi Leonard lost my respect by whining in Parliament about the Dutch thinking that we are corrupt?

Why should I get upset as a St Maartener, when I know the motives of the Dutch?

They even got in bed with Theo Heyliger, Mr Ten Percent himself, to distract the ignorant Dutch voters for a week or two.

Corruption is PREVALENT in Dutch politics, they’re just more low-keyed about it.

The Dutch’s attack on St Maarten has to do with their impotence when it comes to dealing with Curacao, their powerlessness when it comes to Dezi Bouterse of Suriname, and the mess that Holland is in right now because of  the Austerity measures along with the rise in Dutch unemployment rates, and the record failures and bankruptcy of many Dutch businesses and financial institutions.

Holland had to take a week off, to distract their not too bright voters, with a doctored tape of a St Maarten Politician, initiated by ANOTHER politician, who the Dutch themselves call “Mafia

But the St Maarten “neger” is supposed to be too stupid to realize that 🙂

much more to come 🙂

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Back in late January, the “Bada Bing” video was already being offered around by The United People’s Party and its agents.

Nobody in government can say that they were genuinely surprised at the videos intentional release, while they were in the Netherlands, because it was an open secret that the United People’s Party were in possession of the tape, and were seemingly trying to barter with/blackmail Patrick Illidge behind the scenes for months.

In January after being told of Norman Wathey’s offer of the blackmail tape, Patrick Illidge claimed that it was a part of a smear campaign, due to his defection from UP to Independent member of Parliament. He maintained that if  The Wathey’s/Theo’s persisted in the defamation of his character, he would sue.

That month, by chance I also interviewed other Indepedent member of Parliament Romain Laville. Romain Laville said that the United Peoples Party were playing a dirty game, and it was basically sour grapes. Romain felt that Jules James‘ accusations about a threat were exaggerated, and simply a part of the UP strategy to destroy his character because he had deigned to unceremoniously leave the party.

Romain also stated in video two, that he felt that Calypsonian the Mighty Dow, was a Theo Heyliger/UP loyalist, and that he to had been sent to cause a scene, so that the UP could further smear his (Romain’s) name.

Long before the “Bada Bing” saga, Romain had affirmed on camera, that the United People’s Party had offered him $350.000 dollars to stick with the party, it was NOT the $135.000 dollars Jaap Van den Heuvel had stated, but in the newspaper article, it appeared that Van Den Heuvel was taking the amount offered from hearsay.

Now it appears that the Independent members of Parliament have begun the legal proceedings against Theo Heyliger/The United People’s Party

I spoke to legal consultant Denicio Brison, and he confirmed that

1) If Jaap Van Den Heuvel testifies in court that Theo Heyliger did mastermind the “Bada Bing” tape, it would be considered a felony, and it IS punishable under Dutch law. He said if proven it would be an attempt to “illicit a criminal act”.

2) If it is proven in court that Romain Laville was offered $ 350.000 dollars in court. That too would be considered a felony, and would also be punishable by law.

3) When it comes to the malicious slander accusations, I guess the above two would first have to be proven in court.

If Michael Granger of the Daily Herald did edit the tape to make it appear incriminating, then it would be quite obvious that all of the articles published within the first few days of the Bada Bing video release by the Daily Herald (over 30) were actually a part of The United People’s Party smear campaign, and was in fact a malicious and slanderous attack.

The fact that the Daily Herald were OBVIOUSLY in on the video release, KNOWING that the video had been in the possession of UP agents(UP Parliamentarian’s Sylvia Olivacce- Meyers family) for months, says that this was a part of a massive campaign not just to destroy Patrick Illidge, but the entire island government coalition.

The day after the tapes release Sylvia Olivacce-Meyers called for the resignation of Patrick Illidge and an investigation, but Sylvia’s family had the tape in their possession. When will the Lands Recherche be questioning Sylvia Meyers?

So we have “The Eastern Caribbean‘s largest newspaper”, doing political hit jobs for Theo Heyliger and the United People’s Party. According to sources in the Government Building, when it came to light that Alita Singh worked for The Daily Herald Newspaper, The UP/Theo Heyliger AND the harbour, people demanded her resignation from the Daily Herald. Theo Heyliger is alleged to have confronted the Editor/owner of the Daily Herald, and theaten to pull all Wathey/UP funded ads from the paper, if they did not keep Alita on at the Herald.

And the Wathey’s Own a HUGE percentage of St Maarten, so the Daily Herald could not afford to lose their ad revenue dollar, or should we say rand?

I specialize in online campaigns, SEO/SEM marketing, promotions and networking. I do SEO and SEM all day.

Let me assure the St Maarten people that the campaign against the Independents and the current government was a professional hit job, and it was lead by The Daily Herald newspaper.

First someone did their best to sanitize Theo Heyliger’s name on the internet, pulling controversial or negative articles about or by Theo Heyliger/Maurice Lake off of the Internet.

In my researches, I realized that the Daily Herald had pulled off a lot of articles concerning Theo, but appears to have promoted negative articles about Patrick Illidge, Louis Laveist, William Marlin, and the rest of the ruling coalition. Samuel Allen at SXM Times appears to have done the same to his Theo Heyliger articles. is a part of the ABC network in the United States. Why did ABC so fervidly cover the story of a politician on a 16 sq miles DUTCH island, who’s politics have NOTHING to do with the U.S.? Is because OUR Daily Herald was feeding them the information. Now when you click on the search, and search for Theo being investigated by the Lands Recherche, you will see that they published the story, and their is a link, but the link is dead. You cannot access info about Theo’s investigation on that site, because someone removed the article, but even after you remove an article, the ghost of the dead link remains the same



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St. Maarten Officials Expand Bribery Probe 

reported that Theo Heyliger, leader of the United People’s Party, sought to blackmail legislator … was sent anonymously to a local newspaper last week. Heyliger did not respond to requests for comment
Mar 12, 2013 01:45 PM Story from International JUDY FITZPATRICK Associated Press, ABC News
But if you search “patrick illidge” is link is certainly living

When The Daily Herald intentionally posted the “Bada Bing” video, while the St Maarten government was is in The Netherlands, it FED the link to DOZENS of mainstream online news site in Holland, The United States, and the rest of the Caribbean.

That is the power and the connections of owning the largest newspaper in the Eastern Caribbean.

Notice that the Daily Herald came out with dozens and dozens of articles about Patrick Illidge, saturating the media market with everything negative about Illidge and the current government.

When it was disclosed that The Daily Herald’s own Michael Granger has been implicated, and Theo Heyliger (their main source of income) was also involved, suddenly the stories trickled away.

The Daily Herald had the opportunity to come out and apologize for one (or more) of THEIR STAFF being implicated in a blackmail, slander and entrapment scheme.

They had the chance to recuse themselves from the story, since they are now a part of the blackmail investigation.

They had the chance to explain to the St Maarten people the role that they played in the entrapment.

The least the Caribbean’s most biased paper could have done, was cover the revelation that the Leader of the Opposition United People’s Party, Theo Heyliger was implicated in the Bada Bing fiasco, with the same relish that they covered the “Bada Bing” blackmail tape of Patrick Illidge.

Times have changed.

The Daily Herald might be the Eastern Caribbean’s largest newspaper, but the SXM ONLINE NEWS NETWORK pulls in more views and readers per day.

We have the largest online network in the Eastern Caribbean, with millions in the network

The Daily Herald can no longer be used by the SXM Democratic Party OR the United People’s Party to suppress the truth, because after four years of blogging, people are now realizing that there is an alternative.

People are now setting up their own alternative blogs.

The times, they are a changin’

That old Afrikaner who owns/runs the Daily Herald told me in 2010 that the politicians controlled the stories in the paper. He told me before he knew who I really was, and what I really did.

It is alleged that certain political party’s have their own blackmail videos, but these videos are of the Owner of the Daily Herald’s SON in VERY compromising positions, so one does not wonder why The Daily Herald jumps when certain politicians tell them to.

There’s a very good chance that The Daily Herald too are being blackmailed, and that’s why they have to dance to Theo’s tune.

Who knows what Theo has on video of the other United People’s Party members.

Everybody is asking the question, and no one in Parliament seems more nervous than the UP.

It will be fascinating when this all gets to court,

much more to come


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Harry Brown might be the only person on the DP slate that I like, of course he’s clenched firmly between Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams Zumba toned thighs, but I still think he’s one of the more open members of the DP slate. Here I was trying to get his opinion on the Theo Heyliger, “Bada Bing” saga, but the usually verbose Harry was very quiet on the subject. He didn’t want his picture taken-he always lets me get his pictures- and for ONCE he had NO opinion on the situation.

It’s funny, once the die was cast, and Theo crossed the Rubicon, all of the politicians (including Theo, his advisors, family and UP colleagues all began to panic.)

I got some more info coming up on the Bada Bing case soon


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Transportation company, with trading departments in textiles and promotional items. We are based in st. Maarten with trading offices through the caribbean. We also supply construction material to most of the island contractors

Basic Information

Company Name: Intermar
Business Type: Trading Company
(We Sell):
Cotton fabrics
Address: Guana Bay 69
Number of Employees: 501 – 1000 People

Ownership & Capital

Year Established: 1980

Trade & Market

Main Markets: North America
Total Annual Sales Volume: US$50 Million – US$100 Million
Contact Person: Mr. Theo Heyliger
Company Name: Intermar
Street Address: Guana Bay 69
City: Philipsburg
Province/State: St. Maarten
Country/Region: Netherlands Antilles
Telephone: 599-543-1152
Mobile Phone: 5995590886
Fax: 599-543-1157


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for clevie arrindell: Election Fraud Case Now Moving Forward — Mos. was THIS the investigation you were talking about? from SMN-NEWS.COM

Posted on April 1, 2013. Filed under: ALL PHOTOS JUDITH ROUMOU, ALL VIDEO JUDITH ROUMOU, johann yanchi leonard, judith roumou, louie laveist, patrick illidge, PATRICK ILLIDGE, sarah wescot williams, sint maarten police dept, sint maarten police fotos, ST MAARTEN, st maarten, st maarten news, st maarten police dept, ST MARTIN, sylvia olivacce meyers, theo heyliger, united peoples party sint maarten | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , |



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Philipsburg:— The Landsrecherche is now working on the Election Fraud case that involves the United Peoples Party leader Theodore Heyliger, three police officers, and a civil servant working at the Philipsburg Police Station.


SMN News broke the story over two years ago about the officers who took a police vehicle in 2010 and went to the United Peoples Party campaign headquarters in Pointe Blanche and picked up four envelopes each containing $300.00 for the officers who according to information provided to SMN News collected the monies from the UP leader in exchange for their votes. Three of the four law enforcement workers decided to cheat one of their colleagues by opening the envelope that was meant for him/her and shared the monies among themselves. The greed on the part of the three cops caused a huge argument inside the Police Station shortly after the incident occurred. The argument is what led the Police Management team led by Chief Commissioner of Police Peter de Witte to order an internal investigation.

SMN News learnt that the four culprits working as law enforcement officers confessed to Police Internal Affairs that they were paid monies in exchange for their votes. That file was submitted to the Landsrecherche for further investigation and possible prosecution but the file was placed on the shelves of the Landsrecherche and was not touched.

SMN News learnt that the case was not investigated because of political influence because the UP/DP Government was supported by one Independent Member who held the Justice portfolio.

On several occasions SMN News asked about the election fraud case which is long overdue and each time the Prosecutor’s Office would say the case is not set as one of their priority cases and another excuse was that the Landsrecherche was short staffed.

On Monday SMN News contacted Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos for an update on the case because we learnt that the detectives working at the Landsrecherche recently started to work on the case, Mos confirmed on Monday that indeed the case is now being investigated but declined to say how far the investigation is.

Draft Report on Piranha Investigation not completed.

SMN News also asked Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos for an update on the Piranha investigation that landed former Minister of Finance Hiro Shigemoto in pretrial detention one week before the Christmas Holidays. Mos said the Landsrecherche is finishing the final draft report on the Piranah Investigation. At the time Shigemoto was arrested, Mos said the former Minister was suspected of fraud, forgery, and he was also suspected of breaking government rules while paying double for services provided by Global Advisory Services.

It should be noted that prior to the arrest of Shigemoto the Chief Financial Officer and co-Manager of WINAIR Roberto Gibbs was also arrested for fraud, money laundering, and forgery. Roberto Gibbs is the owner of Global Advisory Services and his company was used to provide workers for government. Mos told SMN News in earlier interviews that Gibbs double charged government for the services he provided.
While it was widely rumored that the Piranha investigation started when former head of finance Bas Roorda provided lots of information to the Prosecutor’s office claiming that several top civil servants and former commissioner were involved in abusing government funds, only now the Prosecutor’s Office chose to investigate the cases and at least two arrests were made. Another person whose name made the headlines and was even suspended from her job is the former Head of the Tourist Office Regina Labega and her colleague Edward Dest. The Prosecutor’s Office started that investigation early last year but somehow they stopped it claiming they do not have the financial experts available to them to continue the investigation. When SMN News contacted Mos about this he said that the services of SOAB was hired to finalize the financial part of the investigation but to date nothing more has been said about the investigation.



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